Proposal for Isolation Segments (Formerly Elastic Clusters, Isolation Groups, Placement Pools)

Dieu Cao <dcao@...>

Hello All,

After some fits and starts on the implementation of the proposal for
Elastic Clusters [1], we've collaborated on a new proposal for what we're
now calling Isolation Segments [2].
The goal of this feature is to enhance Cloud Foundry to support
segmentation of workloads at routing, compute, and logging levels to
satisfy a variety of use cases ranging from quality of service to
compliance and security.

Work has begun on the first milestone and epics by team are linked at the
bottom of the proposal.

We would love feedback from the community and to iterate quickly on that
feedback, so please keep your input and feedback in the comments of the

I've also attached a PDF version of the doc for those that have issues
accessing google docs.

Runtime PMC Lead


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