Dingo PostgreSQL v0.10 - new feature "clone from backup"

Dr Nic Williams <drnicwilliams@...>


Dingo PostgreSQL is a "batteries included" service broker for Cloud Foundry
that provisions dedicated highly available clusters of PostgreSQL, with
continuous archiving to Amazon S3 - rather than daily backups which might
be 23 hours old. Deploy it and use it and trust it will look after your

We're super happy to release v0.10!

*New feature - clone from backup*

Pass the paramater "clone-from" when creating a new service instance; and
its initial database will be cloned from the latest backup/WAL of an
existing service instance or previously existing (deleted) service instance
from the same org/space.

Either clone an existing service instance:

cf create-service dingo-postgresql cluster prod
cf create-service dingo-postgresql cluster staging -c '

Or restore an accidentally deleted database without asking your DBA:

cf *delete-service* dingo-postgresql cluster prod
cf create-service dingo-postgresql cluster prod -c '*{"clone-from":"prod"}*'

That is, this is the Golden "Undo" function for an entire database provided
by the CF CLI without any plugins.

Learn more about how we jammed "undo" into the normal user workflow of
Cloud Foundry at CF Summit in Frankfurt! http://sched.co/7rdh

The clone-from feature also allows developers/admins to confirm that
backups are working (edit prod, create a clone-from and confirm that the
edit exists in the clone).

Note: clone-from only works for service instances created since this
feature was implemented.

Happy to use cf-dev@ for discussions; or hang out at

Dr Nic

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