Re: cf login fails with "Error finding available orgs"

Daniel Mikusa

Did you recently `bosh recreate`, `bosh deploy` or has the resurrector
recently recreated the VM (maybe check the uptime if you're unsure)? These
are all things that can cause the VM to be rebuilt and you to lose logs.
Also, perhaps try running `tail -f` on the CC log file and replicating the
problem again? If the CC is having a 500 error, it will log it here.


On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 1:57 PM, Neil Watson <neil(a)> wrote:

Not just the one:

[root(a)np-cloud-found01 ~]# bosh vms|grep api
RSA 1024 bit CA certificates are loaded due to old openssl compatibility
Acting as user 'admin' on 'my-bosh'
| api_worker_z1/0 (ec4fbebf-03dd-4fe2-a44a-acf237b404a9)
| running | n/a | small_z1 | |
| api_z1/0 (4ea752a7-caa5-4340-a7f5-8e5873376296)
| running | n/a | large_z1 | |

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