Re: cf login fails with "Error finding available orgs"

Daniel Mikusa

That would be the file. It should have more details. You can try
searching on the vcap-request-id or you can look at the access log that
nginx writes, look for the request to /v2/organizations that's returning
500, take the timestamp and then look around that time in the log CC log.

I would agree that the files are not pretty to look at, but grep can be
fairly helpful to search them. It's also pretty easily machine parseable
so you can script something to help make them more readable. I run `!%
python -m json.tool` in vim a lot which pretty prints the json, `jq` also
helps or python / ruby can be used to parse through with some custom script
pretty easily.

Hope that helps!


On Tue, Aug 30, 2016 at 12:58 PM, Neil Watson <neil(a)> wrote:

If you mean cloud_controller_ng.log on the api server, that file is
unfortunately in unreadable json format. I see nothing in it returning a
500 error.

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