Re: DNS caching and forwarding in Cloud Foundry with Consul Agents

Hector Rivas Gandara


I understand. I'm claiming that if consul-release supports just the first two, then you don't really need the third.
Can you describe a case where you would want to do the third thing on that list but not the first two?
Ok, I understand.

Yes, you are right, I cannot think right now a straight forward use
case for this. There might be some edge case where you want to define
different recursors, but the MVP is indeed implement the 2 first
options (bind different port and not rewrite /etc/resolv.conf).

Despite the use case, the most reasonable justification to allow
override the recursors that I can find is:
* It would be more explicit.
* the set of properties would be more similar to consul itself.
* It would be one way to disable recursion.

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