Re: Problem on binding service instance with an app

Marco Nicosia

At first glance, it looks like your own broker server is returning 502 when
CC attempts to issue the bind request. Do you see anything which
corresponds to the request in your broker's logs?

On Monday, August 22, 2016, Kumaresh Babu N S <kumareshcs20(a)>

I created haash service broker in out PCF environment. I created service
instance for haash service and named as 'my-hash'.
I can't bind 'my-hash' service instance with an app. I am getting
following exception.

Error: Server error, status code: 502, error code: 10001, message: The
service broker rejected the request to https://haash-broker.*****com/
service_bindings/c150de2a-f5a3-4b73-8013-d088537a11d5. Status Code: 400
Bad Request, Body: {"timestamp":1471833736776,"error":"Bad

***** - domain name. Kindly do needful.

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