Deploy CF on vsphere which managed by openstack

Youzhi Zhu

We use vsphere esxi as our hypervisor environment, and this environment is
managed by openstack,that is to say we use openstack to manage the
lifecycle of virtual machines and images and so on. Now I want to deploy CF
on this environment by bosh, so I should use bosh-openstack-cpi as the cpi,
but as the hypervisor is esxi, I think we need
use vsphere-esxi-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent as the stemcell, but it occured an
error when creating stemcell as follow:

*main] 2016/08/23 18:30:26 ERROR - Command 'deploy' failed: creating
stemcell (bosh-vsphere-esxi-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent 3262.2): CPI
'create_stemcell' method responded with error:
CmdError{"type":"Bosh::Clouds::CloudError","message":"Root image is missing
from stemcell archive","ok_to_retry":false} *

I checked the openstack-cpi and found this error means missing the
"root.img" file. I also tried to use openstack-kvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent
as the stemcell, and images can be created successfully from it, but the
format is qcow2 which can not be used to create VM on vsphere esxi.

My questions:
Weather there is an existing solution for this situation? If not, what
should I do to meet this demand? Making our own stemcell or modify the
openstack cpi?

bosh version: 257.3
stemcell : 3262.2

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