Re: Can I control the behavior of cf scale

Yitao Jiang

when you use bosh to update the runner vm, the instances will
automatically migrate to another runner vm. You need to make sure you
have enough vm(to be more specifically the resources ) to hold the
instances. And for the downtime of App, there's chances that the instances
of an app within same runner vm

On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 10:09 AM, Jiaxin Shi <> wrote:

I want to increase runner VM or delete runner VM.
When I increase runner VM , I wish to make instances running on different
When I delete runner VM , I wish to migrate instances from that VM to
other VM.
I just want to know whether Cloud Foundry can support this? Whether there
are always 4 instances?
Is it possible that CF deletes runner VM, then there are only 2 instances
at that moment, and 2 instances cannot handle all the traffic?



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