Dingo PostgreSQL v0.9.3 - sanity test fails fast if AWS credentials are bad

Dr Nic Williams <drnicwilliams@...>

Dingo PostgreSQL is a service broker that offers dedicated HA PostgreSQL
clusters running in Docker containers, deployed & upgraded by BOSH.
Continuously archiving all day long to Amazon S3. Batteries included!

We just released v0.9.3 [1] to fail fast if AWS credentials are invalid.
Fail fast FTW.

The sanity-test errand now fails fast if AWS credentials [2] are not
correct. Previously if AWS credentials were not valid, or if bucket was in
a different region than US East 1, the consequences were vague failures
later on during the sanity test. Instead, we use new tool
dingo-postgresql-fog-check to verify the two sets of buckets & their

Deployment manifests for sanity-test errand must be updated to provide the
two sets of AWS credentials.

v0.9.3 also includes some WIP towards our v0.10 features. They are exciting
and so we'll wait til then to announce them!

[2] Currently we're only supporting Amazon S3 for base backups and
incremental WAL files, plus isolated backups of service instance

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