Re: CF on Bosh Lite- traffic controller- dialing error (read tcp i/o timeout)

Yitao Jiang

have you checked loggregator tc logs? and make sure you have configured
cert related info correctly

On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 9:31 PM, Gupta, Abhik <abhik.gupta(a)> wrote:


After setting up Cloud Foundry on Bosh Lite, “cf push” and “cf logs” for a
node.js application fails. My configurations are as shown below:

root(a)bosh-lite:/home/vagrant/cf-abacus# bosh target

Current target is (Bosh Lite Director)

root(a)bosh-lite:/home/vagrant/cf-abacus# bosh vms

RSA 1024 bit CA certificates are loaded due to old openssl compatibility

Acting as user 'admin' on 'Bosh Lite Director'

Deployment 'cf-warden'

Director task 27

Task 27 done


| VM
| State | AZ | VM Type | IPs |


| api_z1/0 (783dc4f2-b18f-40a9-b1b4-6f76306c7a26)
| running | n/a | large_z1 | |

| blobstore_z1/0 (3d691827-5e49-4117-a381-2187e35886c4)
| running | n/a | medium_z1 | |

| consul_z1/0 (7fc7b3a9-9fcc-4d9c-977a-decfe863419e)
| running | n/a | small_z1 | |

| doppler_z1/0 (14680e42-c726-44e9-80ca-6e27bebc5a23)
| running | n/a | medium_z1 | |

| etcd_z1/0 (15a26ca3-b14b-44a5-a977-5b3036574564)
| running | n/a | medium_z1 | |

| ha_proxy_z1/0 (5ee32052-6f3d-4191-8abe-4d6a428aaf39)
| running | n/a | router_z1 | |

| hm9000_z1/0 (ab545dff-41ca-4927-882d-e0e5bb73f487)
| running | n/a | medium_z1 | |

| loggregator_trafficcontroller_z1/0 (eca6a918-9e05-4ddc-ab92-519f0c26dd26)
| running | n/a | small_z1 | |

| nats_z1/0 (026d423b-30b6-411b-87df-17cc46861664)
| running | n/a | medium_z1 | |

| postgres_z1/0 (245cb81c-f2e6-43dc-9098-ff8e960b7b3a)
| running | n/a | medium_z1 | |

| router_z1/0 (12e87356-c4d1-4683-b0fe-0c4e38e4149d)
| running | n/a | router_z1 | |

| runner_z1/0 (15b4c464-1d35-4792-af0d-6aad11b2bca1)
| running | n/a | runner_z1 | |

| uaa_z1/0 (a8e76f1b-4dcd-4581-8011-d7e0349de27b)
| running | n/a | medium_z1 | |


VMs total: 13

root(a)bosh-lite:/home/vagrant/cf-abacus# cf api

API endpoint: (API version: 2.59.0)

The errors I get while pushing the app:

root(a)bosh-lite:/home/vagrant/cf-abacus# cf logs abacus-usage-aggregator

2016-08-15T12:08:55.06+0000 [API/0] OUT Updated app with guid
0b3b9d74-3ded-40d3-b6f0-e19a8def0f73 ({"name"=>"abacus-usage-aggregator",
"instances"=>1, "memory"=>512, "disk_quota"=>512,
"environment_json"=>"PRIVATE DATA HIDDEN"})

2016-08-15T12:09:33.28+0000 [API/0] OUT Updated app with guid
0b3b9d74-3ded-40d3-b6f0-e19a8def0f73 ({"state"=>"STOPPED"})

2016-08-15T12:09:48.84+0000 [DEA/0] OUT Got staging request for app
with id 0b3b9d74-3ded-40d3-b6f0-e19a8def0f73

2016-08-15T12:09:48.85+0000 [API/0] OUT Updated app with guid
0b3b9d74-3ded-40d3-b6f0-e19a8def0f73 ({"state"=>"STARTED"})

2016-08-15T12:09:50.52+0000 [STG/0] OUT -----> Downloaded app package

2016-08-15T12:24:50.58+0000 [STG/0] ERR

2016-08-15T12:24:50.58+0000 [STG/0] OUT

2016-08-15T12:24:50.74+0000 [API/0] ERR Encountered error: Stager
error: failed to stage application:

2016-08-15T12:24:50.74+0000 [API/0] ERR Script exited with status 255

The error I see after turning on CF_TRACE :

Warning: error tailing logs

Error dialing traffic controller server: read tcp> i/o timeout.

Please ask your Cloud Foundry Operator to check the platform configuration
(traffic controller is wss://

I am a little confused by this because the API endpoint target works
absolutely fine. Yes, I am behind a proxy and I have all the required proxy
variables sets. Though I was getting I/O Timeout issues with targeting the
API Endpoint initially, I set the environment variable “*CF_DIAL_TIMEOUT*”
to a sufficiently large timeout value and it worked fine (as per the
release notes of the new CF CLI version).

Can someone help me solve this problem?



P.S.: I tried restarting the loggregator traffic controller VM to see if
it helps but to no avail.



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