Re: BOSH / cloudfoundry - stop / start during maintenance

Stefan Mayr


Am 17.08.2016 um 18:49 schrieb Senthil Velusamy:

We have deployed BOSH / cloudfoundry on vSphere. There are two hosts (each host is an availability zone) and vm's are distributed between these two hosts. microBOSH, BOSH and cloudfoundry all three are co-located in these two hosts.

Currently we stop / start all the vm's running on those two hosts during maintenance activities. What we are finding is that when the vm's come up apps come in started state and after that apps getting re-started for a while.

Are there any recommended practice to cleanly shutdown microBOSH, BOSH, cloudfoundry components and custom deployed apps during maintenace? Can someone point me to documentation or best practices to stop / start?

For Cloud Foundry you can take a look at the Pivotal documentation:
It has tables for the correct ordering when stopping or starting the VMs
via bosh. For automation we use a fork of (Gemfile
path has changed) but I just found some even more generic script in



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