Issues with offline ruby_buildpack, disconnected CF, and gems from Git

Josh Ghiloni

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a project where I have my gem source in our local git enterprise server, and I need to push an app that uses it to an instance of CF (v208) that is disconnected from the internet. The app has in its Gemfile a reference to that gem like this:

gem 'mygem', :git => ''

When I run

bundle install
bundle package

That gem never shows up in my `vendor/cache` directory. However, if I use `bundle package --all`, it shows up in my `vendor/cache` directory as `vendor/cache/mygem-0.0.1-d1c2237f1ebca`. Unfortunately, when I `cf push`, the result is the same in both cases: my ruby app fails to find the require. I’m using the ruby buildpack v1.3, for what it’s worth. Also of note, this does run locally.

Is there something I can do to git ruby to recognize that this gem exists? I’m still rather new to Ruby and don’t fully understand the intricacies.

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