Re: Buildpacks PM change

Marco Nicosia

Although I don't think I have any official vote, +1!

The Buildpacks PM job is among the most demanding, because the breadth of
scope is so broad.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephen while implementing Buildpacks
for Lattice. I feel that his creativity and enthusiasm, combined with that
experience, make him a strong candidate for a difficult role.

On Saturday, August 6, 2016, Mike Dalessio <mdalessio(a)> wrote:

Hi all,

Many of you have gotten to know Danny Rosen over the last nine months in
his role as PM of the CF Buildpacks team. During his tenure, community
engagement has increased, and the team has been happy and healthy.

Danny is stepping down from this role to focus on other projects, and so
I'm proposing Stephen Levine as the next Buildpacks PM. Some of you may be
familiar with Stephen and his OSS work from Lattice and related projects.
He's a talented engineer and product manager, and I'm looking forward to
working more closely with him.

His PM dojo period will begin on August 8th.

Please join me in welcoming Stephen, and thanking Danny for his enthusiasm
and dedication.


Marco Nicosia
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