Re: Building Cloud Foundry from source

Marco Nicosia


Cf-release isn't a single binary or even a set of binaries that you first
compile, then deploy. Instead, cf-release is a set of software packages
that are automatically compiled from source as part of the deployment

Cloud Foundry approaches deploying the platform in an unusual way. Instead,
I think you want to start with BOSH. I suggest checking out bosh-lite. You
then use BOSH to deploy each individual software package to separate VMs
(or in the case of bosh-lite, containers on a VM hosted by your local

As a part of this deployment process, BOSH will spin up separate, temporary
VMs to compile packages and automatically store the results for subsequent

Does this help?

On Tuesday, July 26, 2016, Shahid Shaikh <> wrote:

Thanks for your reply.
I found commands to clone the source:
sudo git clone
git checkout develop

But I did not got any information about any command/script which I need to
run to build cf-release.
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