Re: Looking for a buildpack to run JMeter on CF

Daniel Mikusa

Here's what worked for me:


- name: jmeter-test
memory: 512M
instances: 1
path: .
buildpack: java_buildpack
command: '
PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin ./bin/ -n -t test-google.jmx && echo
"Done" && sleep 600'
no-route: true
health-check-type: none
JBP_CONFIG_JAVA_MAIN: '{java_main_class: "DoesNotMatter"}'



I put these two files into and pushed this from the root of the
apache-jmeter.2.11 directory. I also put my .jmx test plan into that
folder so it would get pushed up.

Notes on this:

1.) Set the name, instance and memory count to fit your needs.
2.) path should be `.` so that it will upload the jmeter files and the test
plan which are in the current directory.
3.) buildpack forces CF to use the java_buildpack (your name might vary)
4.) command tells CF how to run the app. We need to set JAVA_HOME & PATH
because the JBP doesn't. Then we just run jmeter like usual. I've added
the `&& echo 'Done' && sleep 600` to show when it's done and keep the app
up longer. When it exits, the system will interpret that as a crash.
There's other ways you could handle this see below.
5.) no-route & health-check-type disable the HTTP based functionality,
since we're not listening for web requests
6.) JBP_CONFIG_JAVA_MAIN is set to quiet the JBP. It get's cranky because
it doesn't understand the files we're pushing. Setting this value just
tells it we're running a Java main class, which it understands. The only
thing that matters is the presence of this setting to calm the JBP. The
command is specifying everything needed to run jmeter.
7.) I add a .cfignore so I don't push up all the docs and other junk.
That's optional. Ideally the build pack would download Jmeter for me, but
that would require customizations to the JBP.

Output looks like this:

2016-07-19T09:51:06.44-0400 [API/7] OUT Updated app with guid
b9452289-c8fc-4ac9-b68e-8f7e68c16dab ({"state"=>"STARTED"})
2016-07-19T09:51:06.78-0400 [STG/0] OUT Downloading java_buildpack...
2016-07-19T09:51:06.80-0400 [STG/0] OUT Downloaded java_buildpack
2016-07-19T09:51:06.80-0400 [STG/0] OUT Creating container
2016-07-19T09:51:07.74-0400 [STG/0] OUT Successfully created container
2016-07-19T09:51:07.75-0400 [STG/0] OUT Downloading app package...
2016-07-19T09:51:09.14-0400 [STG/0] OUT Downloaded app package (23.6M)
2016-07-19T09:51:09.14-0400 [STG/0] OUT Staging...
2016-07-19T09:51:10.06-0400 [STG/0] OUT -----> Java Buildpack Version:
v3.8.1 (offline) |
2016-07-19T09:51:10.22-0400 [STG/0] OUT -----> Downloading Open Jdk
JRE 1.8.0_91-unlimited-crypto from
(found in cache)
2016-07-19T09:51:11.24-0400 [STG/0] OUT -----> Downloading Open JDK
Like Memory Calculator 2.0.2_RELEASE from
(found in cache)
2016-07-19T09:51:11.24-0400 [STG/0] OUT Expanding Open Jdk JRE
to .java-buildpack/open_jdk_jre (1.0s)
2016-07-19T09:51:11.27-0400 [STG/0] OUT Memory Settings:
-Xmx317161K -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=64M -Xss228K -Xms317161K
2016-07-19T09:51:11.27-0400 [STG/0] OUT -----> Downloading Spring Auto
Reconfiguration 1.10.0_RELEASE from
(found in cache)
2016-07-19T09:51:18.96-0400 [STG/0] OUT Exit status 0
2016-07-19T09:51:18.96-0400 [STG/0] OUT Staging complete
2016-07-19T09:51:18.96-0400 [STG/0] OUT Uploading droplet, build
artifacts cache...
2016-07-19T09:51:18.96-0400 [STG/0] OUT Uploading build artifacts
2016-07-19T09:51:18.96-0400 [STG/0] OUT Uploading droplet...
2016-07-19T09:51:19.00-0400 [STG/0] OUT Uploaded build artifacts cache
2016-07-19T09:51:25.50-0400 [STG/0] OUT Uploaded droplet (69.2M)
2016-07-19T09:51:25.51-0400 [STG/0] OUT Uploading complete
2016-07-19T09:51:26.24-0400 [CELL/0] OUT Creating container
2016-07-19T09:51:27.33-0400 [CELL/0] OUT Successfully created container
2016-07-19T09:51:31.00-0400 [APP/0] OUT Creating summariser <summary>
2016-07-19T09:51:31.01-0400 [APP/0] OUT Created the tree successfully
using test-google.jmx
2016-07-19T09:51:31.01-0400 [APP/0] OUT Starting the test @ Tue Jul 19
13:51:31 UTC 2016 (1468936291015)
2016-07-19T09:51:31.02-0400 [APP/0] OUT Waiting for possible shutdown
message on port 4445
2016-07-19T09:51:31.72-0400 [APP/0] OUT summary + 1 in 0.3s =
3.9/s Avg: 254 Min: 254 Max: 254 Err: 0 (0.00%) Active: 1
Started: 1 Finished: 0
2016-07-19T09:51:32.26-0400 [APP/0] OUT summary = 15 in 1s =
19.2/s Avg: 51 Min: 30 Max: 254 Err: 0 (0.00%)
2016-07-19T09:51:32.26-0400 [APP/0] OUT Tidying up ... @ Tue Jul 19
13:51:32 UTC 2016 (1468936292260)
2016-07-19T09:51:32.26-0400 [APP/0] OUT ... end of run
2016-07-19T09:51:32.58-0400 [APP/0] OUT Done

Another way that you might want to handle this would be to change the
command to something like `sleep 99999`. This would essentially make the
app run for a long time not doing anything. You could then run `cf ssh` to
get into the app container and manually run your jmeter scripts. This fits
better because of the fact that jmeter scripts don't generally run forever
(although they can). It would also allow you to save test results to a
file and `scp` those off of the container before it goes away.

Hope that helps!


On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 8:03 PM, Manglu Balasubramanian <manglu(a)>

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the various suggestions.

Thanks. I tried the "-c" option.

To make things simple, I created a hello-world java app and I get the
following message:

[Buildpack] ERROR Compile failed with exception
#<RuntimeError: No container can run this application. Please ensure that
you’ve pushed a valid JVM artifact or artifacts using the -p command line
argument or path manifest entry. Information about valid JVM artifacts can
be found at >
No container can run this application. Please ensure that you’ve pushed a
valid JVM artifact or artifacts using the -p command line argument or path
manifest entry. Information about valid JVM artifacts can be found at
Staging failed: Buildpack compilation step failed

I am planning to run JMeter in a headless mode (so will not use the GUI)
and pointing to the test plans. I am pushing both JMeter scripts, configs,
jars along with testplans.

I was thinking about the crashing issue (when the scripts are executed). I
was thinking that there might be a way around this. I wanted to get the
first step forward before tackling this issue.

My initial plan was to use Blazemeter service, however we have
connectivity issues hence the desire to run the JMeter within the CF

I will explore the "extending" section that you have referenced.

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