Re: loggregator tc repeating error "websocket: close 1005"

Erik Jasiak <ejasiak@...>

Hi Gianluca,

First: using the categories you described, this message is more of a
warning than an error - there should be no impact to your installation.

That said, it still shouldn't be happening. We will investigate further
why we are not providing a status before websocket closing. I'm creating a
chore to investigate further, and any additional info you could provide
would be great.


On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 8:07 AM, Gianluca Volpe <gvolpe1968(a)>

hi all

I'm having a long list of errors in loggregator_tc stdout log file, saying

Error connecting to ws://
websocket: close 1005

found the source code responsible for the message:
called from

understood that 1005 is an error reporting to a connection being closed
missing the status information (as of RFC 6455, section 11.7)

// Close codes defined in RFC 6455, section 11.7.
const (
CloseNormalClosure = 1000
CloseGoingAway = 1001
CloseProtocolError = 1002
CloseUnsupportedData = 1003
CloseNoStatusReceived = 1005
CloseAbnormalClosure = 1006
CloseInvalidFramePayloadData = 1007
ClosePolicyViolation = 1008
CloseMessageTooBig = 1009
CloseMandatoryExtension = 1010
CloseInternalServerErr = 1011
CloseTLSHandshake = 1015

Each time a log is requested, this error is repeated for many of the
dopplers behind the traffic_controller (but rarely also for all of those),
and I'm still not able to understand if this should be a blocking error or
a sort of warning (I'm not receiving complaints from the users) due to
firehose connection method, but I need to know what is happening and how to
prevent any problem.


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