Re: Utilities PMC - 2015-05-05 Notes

Mike Dalessio

Hi all,

In response to several suggestions, I've moved the Utilities PMC notes into
markdown files in a github repo.

I've created this public github repo:

and the Utilities PMC notes will be within it, at:

I've added a document to the GDrive directing visitors to the Github repo.


On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 3:24 PM, Mike Dalessio <mdalessio(a)> wrote:

Hey everyone,

We held the first Utilities PMC meeting yesterday; I'd like to share the
agenda and notes.

For reference, all agendas notes for the Utilities PMC will be kept in a
public Google Drive folder at this URL:

I realize GDrive isn't the most convenient medium for some in the CF
community; I'd love to hear how we can better support transparency for

Please feel free to respond with comments and questions!




- Chip Childers, Cloud Foundry Foundation
- Mike Dalessio, Pivotal (PMC lead)
- Christopher Ferriss, IBM
- Michael Fraenkel, IBM
- James Bayer, Pivotal
- Greg Oehmen, Pivotal
- Ryan Morgan, PIvotal

Utilities PMC Agenda and Notes - 2015-05-05


Update on CI tools (Mike Dalessio)

Update on CLI (Greg Oehman)

Update on Eclipse plugin and Java tools (Ryan Morgan)

Open Discussion

Update on CI tools (Mike Dalessio)

GoCD <> still in use for some projects, but there’s
movement towards Concourse <> and teams are
enthusiastic about it. Currently Diego, Garden, BOSH-lite, Loggregator, and
CLI have converted to Concourse; and BOSH, Services API, and Buildpacks are
in progress.

Timeline is open for individual teams to move to Concourse; some teams may
decide not to. Having a heterogenous CI environment is OK, as both GoCD and
Concourse can integrate via S3 buckets, which is where generated artifacts
are generally kept.

Update on CLI (Greg Oehmen)

Released 6.11.0 - 4/17

Released 6.11.1 - 4/20

Released 6.11.2 - 4/28

Big uptick in issues/PRs

Plugin API feature

Look Ahead:

1. help refactor work,

- refactor help

- invert syntax (object - action)

- tab/bash completion

2. support the move to cc API 3.0 and services api changes

3. the user security work (pwd expiration, inactivity-based session
timeout, RBAC maturation, etc.)

4. installer emphasis

- Auto-update within CLI

- signed mac installer

- signed windows installer

- etc

5. APM integration - something like blessed-contrib:

Update on Eclipse plugin and Java tools (Ryan Morgan)

CF Eclipse Tooling: (1 dev at Pivotal, 4 splitting time at IBM)


1.8.0 (Released Feb 13th)

New Service wizard allowing for multiple service creation

Remote debug support via

1.8.1 (Released March 25th)

Map/Unmap project feature to map an existing eclipse workspace to
an app

Update password fixes

Free service plans now marked in the UI and preferred over paid

1.8.2 (Release imminent)

JRebel support

Working on some last minute UI changes

Working on a proposal to move the Eclipse tooling to the Eclipse

Should have a proposal for review mid-late May. Targeting Eclipse
4.5 SR1 update in the fall. Lots of work to be done to make that deadline.

CF Java Client: (1 dev at Pivotal, splitting time)


1.1.2 Released April 13th

No active development, PRs and Issues reviewed on-demand

Support of CC v3

Removal of Spring dependencies (v2.0 item)

Open Discussion

Please add any other suggested agenda topics for discussion here:

*Imminent additions to the Utilities PMC from HP (Chip).*

Voting took place via email on 2015-05-05 with unanimous consent to add
the following to the Utilities PMC as incubating projects:

- CF Visual Studio Extension
(will be renamed to
- CF MSBuild Tasks

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