UAA with MySQL Service - SQLException

Bryan Perino

Hello All,

I have pushed UAA to my Pivotal Web Services account and bound it to the ClearDB MySQL Database service. I have set the environment variables to activate the default and mysql profiles. Unfortunately, the UAA app is throwing a SQLException on startup and won't display the login page.

java.sql.SQLException: Driver:org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver(a)6da45c52 returned null for URL:mysql2://<user>:<password><database>?reconnect=true

I have confirmed that this information is almost correct as per the service credentials. The only difference is the mysql2 in the connection URL. The service defines the connection URL as:


For some reason, mysql gets replaced with mysql2. Here is the deployment manifest.yml:

Here is the full log from the browser:

Do I have to do anything for UAA to pick this up? I was under the assumption that it would detect the bound service and then apply the correct information (Which it seems it did)

Thanks for any assistance.

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