Re: Spring OAuth2 - tokenInfoUri

Daniel Mikusa

On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 1:43 AM, Bryan Perino <Bryan.Perino(a)>

Hello All,

I am using Spring Cloud Security with OAuth2 and am having an issue
related to it not passing the scopes around. I believe that I need to
define an endpoint to retrieve information about a given token (Including
its scopes). However, I am getting an error stating that it is

I have defined this endpoint for the token info:

Here is the error:

Do you have logs from UAA? The UAA logs will sometimes tell you more about
the response you received.


I noticed that it is making a request to the endpoint, and the verbiage is
correct. I am not sure what it could be sending wrong. This is related to
this issue I found for Spring Boot and has to deal with Authorization on a
per-method basis.

Thanks for any help.

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