CF Summit EU 2016 code for Contributors

Chip Childers <cchilders@...>

Hi all,

Registration is open for the upcoming CF Summit Europe, and we have a
limited number of free passes for contributors to the project.

This code can be used by anyone that is a contributor to a Cloud Foundry or
BOSH project. We consider contributions to be project leads, dedicated
committers or even if you have sent in a pull request to one of the

*However, we ask that individuals consider their organization's ability to
fund the ticket first, before using this code. *

We run the summits on a very tight budget, and the number of free passes
that we can offer for this specific event are limited.

Also - please only register if you do intend to come to the event.

Use of the code is on the honor system...

Feel free to reach out to me or to events(a) if you have any

See you there!


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