Re: Spring OAuth not retrieving scopes from UAA

Madhura Bhave

I suspect that the client did not get updated with the uaa.admin scope. Can you check the database to see if the client has that scope? It would be in the oauth_client_details table. If it hasn't been updated, you can add override: true in the client configuration in uaa.yml and restart the UAA.

On Jun 28, 2016, at 8:34 PM, Bryan Perino <Bryan.Perino(a)> wrote:

I must be doing something wrong. I added some scopes that belong to the user to the client definition, but they won't show up on the authorization page.

Here is the updated YML

Line 62 has the user with the scopes uaa.user and uaa.admin, so uaa.admin should show up in the authorization page right?

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