Re: How shoulld I debug a blobstore error?

Eyal Shalev

Hello amit,
Regarding your above post, I have followed those instructions exactly in my cluster besides the fact that I called my SYSTEM_DOMAIN "sysdomain" to make it more easily searchable in logs later (I have had to read a lot of log files to debug errors. "sys" is not a good string to grep for as it truns up too many times...)

My stub configuration is as such:

However, the problem looks like a problem in the instructions.
When I follow your new instructions I immeditaly get a 404 which I did not get beforehand:
ubuntu(a)cf-installer:~/cloudfoundry-stubs$ cf api --skip-ssl-validation
Setting api endpoint to
Server error, status code: 404, error code: 0, message:

What more I have read the instructions on using the API which are linked from in your documentation ( and ). They do not give explicit instructions about which node is the api node, but when I look at the example, it says nothing about accessing it through the system domain.
Also when I used "cf api" on the global domain (as in the doc example) I did not get a 404
Please copy-paste above, to see that there is no 404 on the original cli command.

So It does not seem plausible that the problem is as you describe it.

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