Re: Spring OAuth not retrieving scopes from UAA

Madhura Bhave

Hi Brian,

The scopes that end up in the access token are the intersection of the client scopes and the user scopes. Which oauth client have you configured your spring cloud application with?


On Jun 27, 2016, at 2:57 PM, Bryan Perino <Bryan.Perino(a)> wrote:

Hello All,

Brand new to Cloud Foundry. I have hooked up a Spring Cloud Application to a UAA server and gotten it to authenticate properly. However, I noticed that none of the scopes that I defined in uaa.yml for the user are showing up in the resource server backend.

Here is a link to the debugging session of what I can see:
Here is the code I am debugging:

public Message home(OAuth2Authentication principal) {
return new Message("Hello World");

The screenshot is the value of the 'principal' variable. I have set the Spring Security yml variables for the resource server like so:

userInfoUri: http://localhost:8080/uaa/userinfo

and here is the relevant parts from the uaa.yml:

Thanks for any help.

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