Spring OAuth not retrieving scopes from UAA

Bryan Perino

Hello All,

Brand new to Cloud Foundry. I have hooked up a Spring Cloud Application to a UAA server and gotten it to authenticate properly. However, I noticed that none of the scopes that I defined in uaa.yml for the user are showing up in the resource server backend.

Here is a link to the debugging session of what I can see: http://imgur.com/6wTYpQD
Here is the code I am debugging:

public Message home(OAuth2Authentication principal) {
return new Message("Hello World");

The screenshot is the value of the 'principal' variable. I have set the Spring Security yml variables for the resource server like so:

userInfoUri: http://localhost:8080/uaa/userinfo

and here is the relevant parts from the uaa.yml:


Thanks for any help.

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