Re: How shoulld I debug a blobstore error?

Tom Sherrod <tom.sherrod@...>

I got past the api_z1 failure by adding:
- name: consul_agent
release: cf

to the api_z1 section.

I'm now confused by having to remove the other lines. I will need to test
this out.


On Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 4:39 PM, Eyal Shalev <eshalev(a)> wrote:

Hello Amit,
I have removed the lines that you have marked.

Now I am getting a different error...
Process 'consul_agent' running
Process 'cloud_controller_ng' Connection failed
Process 'cloud_controller_worker_local_1' not monitored
Process 'cloud_controller_worker_local_2' not monitored
Process 'nginx_cc' initializing
Process 'cloud_controller_migration' running
Process 'metron_agent' running
Process 'statsd-injector' running
Process 'route_registrar' running
System 'system_localhost' running

The blob store is available, but still the process fails:
[2016-06-24 20:13:17+0000] ------------ STARTING
cloud_controller_worker_ctl at Fri Jun 24 20:13:17 UTC 2016 --------------
[2016-06-24 20:13:17+0000] Removing stale pidfile
[2016-06-24 20:13:17+0000] Checking for blobstore availability
[2016-06-24 20:13:17+0000] Blobstore is available
[2016-06-24 20:13:18+0000] Buildpacks installation failed

and also:
[2016-06-24 20:33:16+0000] ------------ STARTING cloud_controller_ng_ctl
at Fri Jun 24 20:33:16 UTC 2016 --------------
[2016-06-24 20:33:16+0000] Checking for blobstore availability
[2016-06-24 20:33:16+0000] Blobstore is available
[2016-06-24 20:33:38+0000] Killing
/var/vcap/sys/run/cloud_controller_ng/ 28368
[2016-06-24 20:33:38+0000] Stopped
[2016-06-24 20:33:39+0000] ------------ STARTING cloud_controller_ng_ctl
at Fri Jun 24 20:33:39 UTC 2016 --------------
[2016-06-24 20:33:39+0000] Checking for blobstore availability
[2016-06-24 20:33:39+0000] Blobstore is available
[2016-06-24 20:34:02+0000] Killing
/var/vcap/sys/run/cloud_controller_ng/ 28818
[2016-06-24 20:34:03+0000] Stopped

Which brings me to another question:
Do you have a stable old release of CF for openstack? I don't mind
downgrading, if the new releases are unstable. If that is not possible, can
you post a valid cf-stub.yml without the need for any manual removal of
invalid lines? (that way I have a reference to what tried and tested stub
should look like)

Thanks alot for your help,

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