Re: How shoulld I debug a blobstore error?

Ronak Banka

You can use for temporary domain, try generating manifest again and

On Saturday, 25 June 2016, Eyal Shalev <eshalev(a)> wrote:

As I was not planning on sigining exposing this deployment to the outside,
I was planning on using HAPROXY through it's floating IP.

I did not set a domain, because I have not yet interfaced with my DNS
server. So I just left the domain as "DOMAIN"

When looking at manifest generated from the stuff, i see the following 2
lines repeating sveral times:
public_endpoint: http://blobstore.DOMAIN

Could it be that the api-node is trying to access blobstore through the
haproxy node?

Is there anyway to avoid setting up a domain for CF? (as this is just a
lab experiment)

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