Re: staticfile-buildpack: Ability to include an nginx config

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I'm having nightmares from Engine Yard again - the platform and the customer competing over what goes in nginx.conf :)

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Hi Danny,


The PubTools team uses the static-buildpack with a custom nginx.conf to add redirection rules like -> and return custom 404 not found pages for urls with typos like


A concern I had with the current approach is that we had to copy the whole nginx.conf file, potentially missing out on improvements and security fixes made
to the original one in subsequent buildpack updates.


So we would definitely prefer a nginx-additions.conf approach.



Dies Koper

Cloud Foundry CLI PM


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Subject: [cf-dev] staticfile-buildpack: Ability to include an nginx config


Hey there,


The current functionality of the staticfile-buildpack is to overwrite the provided nginx.conf if a user-provided one exists. The Buildpacks team is curious if users are interested in the ability to add a non-destructive
nginx-additions.conf config file, which, if provided, would exist additively on top of the current config.

If you find this idea compelling, please comment on the issue [1] we'd like to talk to you a bit more about the expected functionality.

Thanks for your time

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