CF CLI config.json File Org Quota Data Question

Greg Oehmen

Currently the config.json file includes information about the targeted
environment. For an org that set of information includes the org quota:

"OrganizationFields": {
"Guid": "588ea1fb-bdd0-459d-9004-b2df28637649",
"Name": "pivot-goehmen",
"QuotaDefinition": {
"name": "",
"memory_limit": 0,
"instance_memory_limit": 0,
"total_routes": 0,
"total_services": 0,
"non_basic_services_allowed": false

Is anyone keying off the QuotaDefinition data in the config.json file? I'd
like to remove it since once a user targets an env and config.json is
populated, an admin can then update the quota and config.json file contains
stale info.


The CLI Team

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