Re: WebSockets app on CF

Dr Nic Williams <drnicwilliams@...>

The gorouter itself supports websocket connections. The "cf logs" streaming
logs is one user of websockets.

How you access it might depend on which CF you target.

Look in ~/.cf/config.json for how "cf logs" accesses loggregator:

cat ~/.cf/config.json | grep Logg
"LoggregatorEndPoint": "wss://",

I'm actually surprised by the above - I thought PWS used port :4443 for

On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 11:23 AM, Vinod Singh <vinoddandy(a)> wrote:


Do you have any guidance/recommendations for running Web Sockets apps on
Cloud Foundry ?

I am afraid that if application need to open multiple connections it may
affect the performance of the overall system.

Any recommendation and pointer will help....


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