Cloud Foundry Eclipse 1.8.3 released

Nieraj Singh

We have released Cloud Foundry Eclipse 1.8.3.

It is now available from this Eclipse installation site:

This URL should be used in Help -> Install New Software in
Eclipse/Spring Tool Suite (STS)
if doing a manual update or installation.

Further installation instructions are here:

The upcoming STS 3.7.0 will also include Cloud Foundry Eclipse 1.8.3.

Changes include:

- Better support for Spring Boot applications in STS. Spring Boot
projects can now be deployed to
Cloud Foundry by drag and drop or Run on Server without any additional
manual configuration.
The manual "Configure -> Enable As Cloud Foundry App" is no longer required.

- Fix for jar files in manifest.yml "path" where old jars were always
pushed: updated jars are now pushed.

- Fixed issue where war files in manifest.yml "path" were not pushed.

- New feature to detect if user is using an older JRE in Eclipse and
prompt user to use Java 7, which is a
minimum requirement to install and run Cloud Foundry Eclipse.

- Better handling of cancelled application deployment operations.

- Fixed issue with "Close Console" button appearing in non-CF console toolbars.

- "Map/Unmap Project" feature for linking a deployed application to a
workspace project is now
"Link with Project/Unlink Project" and includes a fix for application
refresh after the link operation is completed.

- Various improvements and bug fixes for server instance creation,
service deletion, deleting applications,
and Servers view application labels.

Please raise any issues here:

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