gorouter metrics, /varz, collector

Shannon Coen

The Loggregator team is investigating removing the already-deprecated
collector job from cf-release, as Loggregator and the firehose have
replaced this function.

The Routing team have identified some metrics for Gorouter that are
available via Collector but are not available from the firehose [1]. Many
of these metrics, like latency and request rate, require Gorouter to
maintain running averages or other aggregation math, and the way the data
is internally aggregated make assumptions about how operators want their
data sliced and diced. We believe these metrics and others could be
calculated by an external metrics aggregation system using the granular
metrics already available in the firehose.

Rather than blindly adding all the same metrics to the firehose, we'd like
to hear from operators which of these are actually useful.


Thank you,

Shannon Coen
Product Manager, Cloud Foundry
Pivotal, Inc.

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