Re: GraphViz support for rootfs?

john mcteague <john.mcteague@...>

I would be inclined to suggest we should be heading in the opposite
direction, stripping libraries out of the rootfs and finding a way to allow
buildpacks to add in required dependencies, thereby reducing the size and
complexity of the rootfs and minimising the number of potential CVE's in
this area.

In addition, something I have spoken to a number of people about in the
past is the presence of compilers in the rootfs which some regulated
environments do not allow.

Whether its the ability to properly customize rootfs ourselves (as CF
operators) or finding ways for buildpacks to add in missing dependencies,
we need to limit what we add to the rootfs.

On Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 10:02 PM, Gabriel Ramirez <gramirez(a)>

We are looking for community feedback on adding GraphViz support for
rootfs. This is an issue that came up in a request last week. (

We appreciate your feedback on this request. Please send us your comments
on this email list or on this github issue:

Buildpacks team

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