Getting the Internal IPs of the Applicatiom Container Before the Application State become RUNNING

Isuru Haththotuwa <isurulucky@...>

Hi all,

I'm working on a clustering mechanism for a specific java server that are
running on CF. The requirement is, before this server is started, it needs
a list of IPs + ports of the other instances that should cluster together.
I had a look at the CF API, specially at the /v2/apps/:guid/instances API
[1] endpoint. But it only return the IPs and ports of applications which
are in the RUNNING state. Is there a way to get the IPs of an Application
regardless of the state its in?

Also, as per the docs, CF_INSTANCE_IP is the external IP of the host in
which the container is running. Similarly, is there a way to get the
internal IP (and maybe the internal port as well) of a container, from the
container itself?



Thanks and Regards,

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