Removing nginx 1.9.x from PHP Buildpack and making nginx 1.11.1 default

Danny Rosen

Hi there,

In order to patch a CVE Vulnerability
<> the CF Buildpacks team will
be updating the PHP buildpack to include nginx 1.11.1 as the default
version of Nginx.

In order to support use cases where nginx v1.9.15 are in use we have
created a 30 day window in which this version will be kept in the PHP
buildpack. It's notable to mention that nginx 1.8 has been scheduled to be
removed in the *next release* (v.4.3.14) due this week. This notification
was originally posted May 17th

If you need help migrating from 1.8.x or 1.9.x please feel free to contact
us on our public slack channel

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