cf-plex: Run commands against multiple Cloud Foundry instances

Daniel Jones

Hi all,

Operating multiple Cloud Foundry instances can be a hassle, so I made

It's a shim that manages a list of Cloud Controllers, and runs the given
command against each of them. There's also a batch mode that uses
environment variables to specify a list of Cloud Controllers, for when you
don't want to have to manage them manually.

Some users have asked for group management - ie being able to create a
group called things like "dev" and "non-prod", associate API details with
each group, and be able to switch between them easily. I'm keen to get more
feedback on usage before adding that feature, so please get in touch if you
think you might benefit from that.

This clearly isn't the right architectural solution to the problem, but it
*will* help the lives of those manually operating multiple Cloud Foundry
instances, and it'll help reduce the likelihood of human error too.

Feedback and bug reports would be most welcome.

Daniel Jones - CTO
+44 (0)79 8000 9153
@DanielJonesEB <>
*EngineerBetter* Ltd <> - UK Cloud Foundry

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