sticking sessions to apps, not instances

Shannon Coen

Hello Mike,

I thought I'd put this on the list in case others have similar use cases.

At summit you mentioned an interest in a variant of sticky session
behavior, and I wonder if you could provide some additional context.

You suggested it would be valuable if, where multiple apps were mapped to
the same route, all requests from a client were routed to the same app. I
believe the example you gave was where the two apps represent different
versions of a web UI. In this case all requests from the client could be
load balanced to any instance of the same app, for the life of the session.
This might be accomplished using a new cookie.

Do you imagine the application initiating this behavior as it does now? I
have some evidence for a feature to relieve apps of this responsibility, by
enabling developers to express that sticky sessions should be enabled for a
route; then the router could potentially handle returning cookies to

Do you imagine a developer being able to express that they want sticky
sessions enabled for a route in either an "app" or "instance" mode?

Thank you,

Shannon Coen
Product Manager, Cloud Foundry
Pivotal, Inc.

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