Re: Alternative way to deploy Cloud Foundry (without BOSH)

Iovanov, Vlad Mircea

Hi Marco,

I think as long as you consider Docker and thinks like Compose, Kubernetes to fit production environments, you should be fine.
What we’re doing is repackaging the releases in a different way (and configuring them in a different way) - the bits are exactly the same.


On 5/26/16, 4:55 AM, "Marco Ristuccia" <it-services(a)> wrote:

Thanks Vlad,

just a quick question helpful for my forecasts.
We are evaluating CF for our production environment and we need it in a few months.
Do you think that this solution will fit a production environment and requirements (hi-availability, scaling, etc...)? Or is it more intended as a testing option, just like bosh-lite is now?

Kind regards,

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