Re: Alternative way to deploy Cloud Foundry (without BOSH)

Iovanov, Vlad Mircea

Glad to see there’s interest!

Yes, you can turn both cf and diego releases (along with garden-linux-release, etcd-release, etc.).

We haven’t published the examples yet - we’ll probably create a repo for them. I’ll update this thread when we do so.
We’ve also created a slack channel called fissile in the CF slack team.


On 5/25/16, 12:10 PM, "Marco Ristuccia" <it-services(a)> wrote:

Hello Vlad,

that's a great news!
So both cf and diego releases can be turned into docker containers?
Could you please be so kind to tell me what where you will publish such examples, so I can keep an eye on it?


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