Re: CF CLI v6.18.1 Released Today

Gwenn Etourneau

Good job.

On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 11:22 PM, Koper, Dies <diesk(a)>

The CF CLI team just cut 6.18.1. Binaries and link to release notes are
available at:

I have met some of you at the CF Summit in Santa Clara this week. Thank
you for your feedback!

Half of the CLI team members are at the Summit this week.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we hold CLI Project Office Hours at 16:30 in the
Margaret Atwood Lounge of The Foundry. Please drop by and let us put faces
to each other’s names!

Also note the talk on CLI plugins from former CLI team members Simon and
Jonathan tomorrow at 14:10 in the Grand Ballroom GH.

Updated Translations

IBM contributed updated translations for all supported locales.
Windows 64 bit Installer

The Windows 64 bit installer now defaults to "C:\Program Files\Cloud
Foundry", instead of "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cloud Foundry" where 32 bit
applications belong.
Updated Commands

- orgs now lists organizations in alphabetical order
- login now lists organizations and spaces in alphabetical order
- spaces now lists organizations in alphabetical order
- bind-route-service no longer prompts for confirmation ('-f' option
is still accepted but removed from help text)
- enable-service-access and disable-service-access now perform faster (
#819 <>)
- service now displays apps that are bound to the service
- install-plugin now displays the plugin binary name correctly
- marketplace now displays its option correctly in usage help text
- events now displays the 'actor' if the 'actor_name' field is not
- quotas now displays 'unlimited' instead of '-1' for routes

Updated Plugins:

- Scaleover v1.0.4:
- Firehose Plugin v0.9.0:



Dies Koper
Cloud Foundry CLI PM

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