Re: DEA Monitoring Capabilities

Michael Fraenkel <michael.fraenkel@...>

When 234 was released, we did not realize that Collector was creating
additional metrics. Based on reports, we have added back any missing
metrics that people felt were needed. Let me know if we still have
missing metrics as you move beyond 234.

In 234, while we did not report available_memory_ratio, we do report
remaining_memory. If your DEAs have the same amount of memory, the ratio
can be computed or you can use the current value directly.

What information were you trying to understand from mem_used_bytes?

As far as the healthy metric from HM9000, it was quite misleading. It
reported healthy as long as the metrics server was running which wasn't
any indication of health. What exactly do you want to know?

- Michael

On 5/20/16 4:41 AM, Chawki, Amin wrote:


by upgrading to CF v234 (including pre-release v232) we lost all our
monitoring capabilities regarding DEA and HM9000 (we were still using
Collector). By migrating to Firehose only a fraction of the metrics
was available. Very important metrics for our productive systems like
‘available_memory_ratio’ were just added in CF v235. In the meantime,
we were pretty much “flying blind”.

We replaced not existing metrics like ‘DEA…mem_used_bytes’ and
‘HM9000…healthy’, which were available via Collector, with metrics
from Bosh. Is this the way to go or are there any plans to add them again?

Best Regards,


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