Re: Stemcells, Garden, and rootfs: how are these related?

Sunil Babu <cloudgrp.assist@...>


Rootfs is not specific to an os flavor to mention in Windows it's referred
as rootdsk

This is the base volume which comes when a vm is created

Since more people work on Unix flavor to generalise it's referred as root
file sys. When Windows also ventured in cf things changed and ref as
rootdisk (virtualization on windows is on disk level

Hope this clarifys u

On Thursday, May 19, 2016, J K <falconwing(a)> wrote:

Is it correct to say that in the context of CF, `rootfs` is a Linux-only
abstraction, and is not necessarily relevant to Garden (whereas it may be
relevant to one or more of the Garden backends)?
Thanks & Regards
Sunil Babu K C

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