Re: can we install ruby gems in existing cf stacks (cflinuxfs2) without recreate stack


I think you'd be better to get the gems to be deployed inside the buildpack zip & used by your buildpack bin scripts from when the zip is unpacked.
Maybe you could vendor the gems as part of your 'bundle install' command so that they appear inside your staging directory
$ bundle install --path staging/vendor/bundle
This should ensure the go into the buildpack zip.
And then set the BUNDLE_PATH variable to the same relative directory in the bin/detect, compile and/or release scripts.
More info about bundler here:

On 19 May 2016, at 18:36, Lingesh Mouleeshwaran <lingeshmouleeshwaran(a)> wrote:

Hi Cloudfoundry ,

Is there any simple way, we can update or install new libraries in existing cf stacks (cflinuxf2) without creating new custom stacks ??

Example : Our modified java buildpack not running on existing stacks because of few of the ruby gems are missing in the file system. so we would require to install few ruby gem and use the modified java buildpack.

Share your thoughts and suggestions.

Lingesh M

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