Re: Stemcells, Garden, and rootfs: how are these related?

Duncan Winn

Hey JK, a stack is a combination of the rootfs and droplet. This is
conceptually a "container image" that will then run in your garden
container. For a windows stack you would need a windows vm/cell to run it.

On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 8:26 AM J K <falconwing(a)> wrote:

Thank you, Amit. Is it correct to say that a stack (in the `cf stacks`
sense) is a combination of rootfs + stemcell? If you have a "base VM" of,
say, Linux -- and if that's the one bosh is deploying to all the cells, how
does that become a `windows2012R2` stack in CF?
Duncan Winn
Cloud Foundry PCF Services

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