Re: Stemcells, Garden, and rootfs: how are these related?

Nicholas Calugar

Hi JK,

I don't work on any of these parts of Cloud Foundry but I can give a very
basic overview:

[1] rootfs: the filesystem used for applications deployed on Cloud Foundry.
The current default is cflinuxfs2, based on Ubuntu 14.04

[2] garden: "A rich golang client and server for container creation and
management with pluggable backends for linux, windows and The Open
Container Initiative Spec". Garden is running on the Diego cells where
Cloud Foundry applications are run.

[3] stemcells: The base image for VMs deployed by bosh.

Highly recommend staring with the Cloud Foundry documentation: You can also "kick the tires" by trying one
of the hosted versions of Cloud Foundry:



On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 1:00 PM, J K <falconwing(a)> wrote:


I'm learning about Cloud Foundry's ideas of how to organize applications
and how it works under the covers. At the moment I'm having a little
trouble understanding the relationship between a few ideas in CF: "rootfs",
"Garden", and "stem cells".

Can someone explain:

(1) their understanding of what these ideas are; and
(2) how they are related?

Thank you!

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