Utilities PMC - 2015-06-16 notes

Mike Dalessio

Hi all,

We had a meeting of the Utilities PMC yesterday, permanent notes are at:


which I've copied into this email below.



*# Utilities PMC Meeting 2015-06-16*

*## Agenda*

1. Update on CI tools (Mike Dalessio)
2. Update on CLI (Greg Oehmen)
3. Update on Eclipse plugin and Java tools (Ryan Morgan)
4. Open Discussion

*## Attendees*

* Chip Childers, Cloud Foundry Foundation
* Mike Dalessio, Pivotal (PMC lead)
* Ryan Morgan, Pivotal
* Greg Oehman, Pivotal
* Alex Tarpinian, IBM
* Michael Fraenkel, IBM

*## Update on CI tools (Mike Dalessio)*

- Greenhouse team started moving their builds to Concourse. Runtime
and BOSH are also in progress.

- Toolsmiths team taking over Krafa, which is a project (to-be-OSSed)
to manage a pool of CI environments. Currently being used internally
at Pivotal, but totally applicable to OSS as well.

- A pair is working for the next month on License Finder, which is an
OSS tool to examine a project's declared dependencies (via a package
manager) and discover licenses and changes in licensing. This should
be useful for the Foundation as well.

*## Update on CLI (Greg Oehman)*

- New pair rolled on from IBM, who ramped up quickly and are contributing;
team velocity is up.
- There is ongoing track of work around the plugin API.
- Another track of work on PRs and Issues was successful at cleaning up
some old stories.

- Next release will be 6.12.0.
- Deprecate "codegangsta" library which is used for feature flags

- Working with IBM designers on user testing "help" with a mock
terminal emulator. Community members have offered to be a part of
that user testing

- Upcoming tracks:
- Syntax change from "verb noun" to "noun verb" (e.g., "create-service"
to "service-create")
- Improving CLI installers

*## Update on Eclipse plugin and Java tools (Ryan Morgan)*

* Push to move to the Eclipse Foundation continues.

*## Open Discussion*

* Proposal to accept receptor-client into incubation. See:

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