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Amulya Sharma <amulya.sharma@...>

Thank You all .. for responding ..

my whole idea is to simplify

Large Market place
Service/Plan visibility
Billing and offering
self hosted or SaaS providers

by taking market place as separate component to pair with Cloud Foundry

but we all are saying same thing .. believe me after running multiple bosh
services managing marketplace in a large org is kind of a messy jobs ..

On Tue, May 17, 2016 at 1:27 AM Layne Peng <layne.peng(a)> wrote:

Sorry for the name misunderstanding... We use the word "marketplace", but
not the term in CF.

The background is, firstly it is a public cloud, people use CF and the
services provided by the CF; We built a framework (not like service broker)
to help people contribute different service, then sell the services in it
to the developers using Cloud Foundry. (The services can be used in CF, by
the service broker we build; but it also in K8S and other PaaS. But mainly
it is used in CF currently...)

So the problem is, when a new contribution, such as MySQL based on
Brooklyn added to the marketplace, we need to register it to the CF.

I am not sure if it is clear enough, if you interested in it, I can share
some introduction videos.

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