Re: How can we customized "404 Not Found"

Shannon Coen

How to reconcile these use cases:

Given one shared domain
And a wildcard route from that domain, *
And an app mapped to the wildcard route that returns a 503
I expect that a request to any subdomain of, at any path, to
receive a 503.

Given smoke test that maps a route to an app
Then deletes the app or unmaps the route
Then make a request to the route
and expects a 404 in response
I expect smoke tests to pass.

Smoke tests need a domain that does not have a wildcard route mapped to this
503 app.
- The smoke tests could create a shared domain and delete it. The drawback
is users may see a domain come and go while tests are run.
- In addition to shared domains you may have wildcard routes for, keep a
spare shared domain that does not have this wildcard route. Call it a
sandbox. Use it for smoke tests.

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