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Dan Wendorf

Hi Amulya,

Using user-provided-services can be a good way to manage your service
instances if it is challenging to automate provisioning, but it sounds like
one of your main hurdles is needing to coordinate with an CF admin to
update a broker.

There's a relatively new option to create a private service broker that is
scoped to a particular space. Dr. Nic has a good blog post
this. I think the advantages of using the CF services workflow are nice,
especially not needing to learn an external system and having
dynamically-generated and secure credentials.


On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 11:20 AM, Amulya Sharma <amulya.sharma(a)>

Question on not using cf Service Broker or only use Private Broker,

We have Service Broker in CF its kind of hassel to maintain service
brokers as it need admin privileges to register also unique names and all
upgrade path is complex.

What if we do not use service brokers at all instead we just create a
portal to create service instance and at the end of creation just show VCAP
variables of service and a CUPS Command to create that service instance in

my question is

Q What are the downside of this approach of not using service broker at

pro side is decoupling of service offering from CF ?

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