Re: How do you get rid of a corrupt buildpack?

Daniel Mikusa

Have you tried `cf delete-buildpack`? or `cf update-buildpack` with a new,
working binary?


On Fri, May 13, 2016 at 8:32 PM, Eric Promislow <eric.promislow(a)>

I tried to upload a simple app to a local cf build, and it failed
because the go-buildpack download failed.

It turns out that the buildpack
/var/vcap/store/shared/cc-buildpacks/75/21/ \


had lost its pkzip header (but the end of the file looked like it was
part of a zip file).

When I moved it out of the way ('mv 75 hide-75') I got a stranger
error message, which unfortunately scrolled off my window before
I thought to report it.

What's the best way to push a faulty buildpack out of the cache?

- Eric

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