Re: How random is Metron's Doppler selection?

Mike Youngstrom <youngm@...>

I think the challenge here is being able to distinguish between events
that are emitted by an App log vs. a multi-line event. Only the app
really would know this information, wouldn't it? i.e. it has to be done at
the app level? This may not be too hard with the common logger frameworks,
and perhaps documenting the pattern in a blog post for developers to
I agree. The app knows what is multi line and what isn't. So, the problem
is what is the most appropriate way for the application to communicate to
loggregator what should be multi-line and what shouldn't be. The '\' was
just a thought that it might be a less heavy way compared to syslog to give
an application a way to communicate this intent with loggregator. Using a
more rich endpoint like syslog might be another approach.

Either way I think us as loggregator users need some help from the
loggregator team to improve this scenario.


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